Embodied Dreamworkers


Een afbeelding die uitbeeld hoe verbeelding tot leven komt door lichaamswerk en droomwerk
Welcome to our community of Embodied Dreamworkers, in which dreams are shared and explored through body movement, to unravel their messages…

Why practice embodied dreamwork?

  • Find a new layer of intuition to support the evolution of your practice
  • Gain access to symbols and images that live in your body
  • Transform tensions from scary dreams into new insight
  • Invite emotional honesty and authentic self-expression in your relationships
  • Receive clarity on some of your personal unconscious patterns and beliefs
  • Develop a stronger capacity to remember and imagine dreams

Who is this for?

  • Dreamers that have the desire to ground their dream-wisdom into their body
  • Dancers, movers, therapists who want to integrate the power of the unconscious and imagination in their work
  • Those on a healing path with the courage to work with their shadow

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What to expect in a dreamwork session or workshop?

We’ll introduce you to an embodied form of trance travel, in which you re-enter the ‘dream space’. In this way you can again walk in the landscape of a dream, meet dream characters,… while you feel in your body what this does to you. In this way you can unravel the messages that your body and subconscious communicates to you, through your dreams.

So, what else can I expect?

We work around 4 main topics within the practice.

Sharing Dreams

Dream sharing was an important daily activity in many ancient cultures. The power of a group is that others might help you notice aspects of yourself which were unconscious before.

Exploring the Dream Space

The dream space is a place where memory, emotions, imagination and sensations meet. A place that children spontaneously visit. We learn, through intention and ritual, to create a safe container and enter the dream space.

Interacting with Dream Characters

A dream can be seen as a play in which the dreamer only plays the character they identify with their own personality. The other roles are “the others”, sometimes even strangers. We will interact with our dream, to learn about alienated aspects of ourselves.

The dreaming body

Whatever we do, however we are happens through our body, our senses and our movement. We integrate all our previous explorations through the core aspects of embodied dreamwork; the dance between remembering, imagining, sensing and moving. 

There are no prerequisites to participate, except a curiosity about dreams of the night and willingness to share in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. For complete beginners there is support to help you to remember your dreams.

Some of the methods we offer:

  • Enactment of dream characters
  • Active imagination
  • Somatic experiencing of dream locations
  • Expressing the felt sense of a dream’s elements through movement
  • Sharing dreams and their somatic resonance

Who are we?

Lene Van Steenwinkel is a dance therapist and anthropologist. Who travels around the world to experience ancient (dance) rituals.

Since childhood Lene has been dancing on the border between waking and dreaming. During her training in Dance and Movement Therapy, she was bitten by the Authentic Movement technique, in which you get in touch with your unconscious through your body. 

Through drum meditations Lene further learned to understand the language and symbolism of her unconscious. 

For a year now, she met a partner in Harald De Bondt to dream dance within the malleable twilight zone of the unconscious.


Harald De Bondt has been working with dreams since 2013, beginning with the exciting world of lucid dreaming.

Harald supports people to integrate nightmares and overwhelming dreams into daily life through dream coaching. It is his mission to help people (re)connect with their inner wildness and wonder.

As he began to dream his dances and dance his dreams, he experienced a profound exchange between his consciousness and unconscious.

This led him to explore more deeply the synergy between dreamwork and dance and movement therapy. From this flowed embodied dreamwork. A powerful method and attitude that he shares through workshops and individual sessions.


What others have to say

During the dream sessions I received insight into the quests that were taking place deep inside the body, which is a very useful tool for me, given that I struggled with feeling myself. Because of this, unprocessed traumas and deeply rooted misconceptions began to move in a very short time. It became a very positive and instructive journey, that certainly didn’t feel frightening. It’s incredible how your unconscious mind is teaching you things to be self-healing.


Harald’s presence is steady and compassionate, playful and well educated. In one of our dreamscape movements both a beginning and an ending to a childhood dream became clear. This was so healing to me as I had only accessed a short piece of this dream, originally a nightmare, that I had been transforming, learning and courting for years.


If you have a dream to tell or questions to ask, feel free to contact us.